Zedd – Clarity Remix Contest

This is my entry for a Zedd – Clarity remix contest. I decided to go a different direction with my remix, since most of the ones out there went the hard route. I went for the smooth and groovy feel on my remix. I felt the Vocals and the melody would sound great on a groove house style track, so I made this. This is my first remix, so I still have a lot of improving to do, but I hope yall enjoy it!

This track is for a Zedd remix contest and I joined really late, so please help me out if you like it and share with friends, jam it on repeat, comment, favorite it, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, please VOTE to LIKE my remix submission at http://remix.zedd.net/tracks/644

(The LIKE button is on the top right on the remix page, thanks!)

For those asking, I will put this mix up for download after the competition is over. Follow me at any of the below to know when it drops! Thanks!


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